What’s In It For Me?

As you might imagine, spending long hours at the register (or the Forefront as it’s known around here) means fielding lots and LOTS of questions. Such questions range from commonplace (“Can you help me find ________?” / “Do you carry ________?” / “May I use your restroom?”) to bewildering (“Are these bananas local?” / “Do you’ve guys have vegan kale?”) to outright obscene (“Can my dog drink this kombucha?” / “Cool shirt—can I have it?”). Short of giving you the shirt off my back (it’s a really cool shirt no you can’t have it), I’m more than happy to field all and any questions you might have. That’s why I’m devoting this entire blog post to answering some of the questions I’m asked multiple times per day, every day: What do I get in return for being a member-owner? What’s in it for me? Is it worth it?

Some of my more devoted readers (hi Dad) might remember that doozy of a cliffhanger I left y’all with last time: $16.67. The short version is that’s how much you need to spend each month in order to break even on your membership equity by the end of the year. Here’s how that breaks down: each member-owner pays $20 to be a member for twelve months. Each of those twelve calendar months, member-owners can take 10% off of one transaction of their choosing, any time for any amount—kind of like a personal sale day. If you divide up that $20 by those twelve months, it’s as if you’re paying approximately $1.67 each month for your membership. So in order to make that $1.67 back in the form of discounts, you only need to spend $16.67 once per month and then use your monthly 10% discount. In reality, after using your monthly 10% discount, breaking even on your yearly equity only takes $15 per month. Plus, in exchange, you get food! And if you spend more than that $16.67 per month, you start making money back on your membership.

I know a lot of you are already well aware of the financial benefits of being a member-owner. Oftentimes, generally toward the end of the month, I’ll see a regular customer approach the register, shopping cart piled to the fluorescent light fixtures with fresh produce and a squinty-eyed, satisfied smirk that says (in what I imagine would be an Isaac Hayes “Theme from Shaft” voice), “Ooohhh yeah, that’s right baby. You know what day it is: 10% off day.” But the thing is a lot of people don’t know about the financial perks to which all member-owners are entitled—benefits they’ve already paid for! So if this is old news to you, thank you for reading, and I hope your fifty pounds of kohlrabi was everything you’d hoped for. If not, get on it! Simply click the “Join” tab at the top of the page or sign up in-store any time. It’s easy! $20 per year! 10% off once per month! $16.67! $16.67!!!!! $16.67!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So is it worth it?

(“Shaft” voice)

You’re daaaaaaaamn right.

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